• ECON 2312: Empirical Methods in Economics II (Fall 2018) 


  • ECON 3313: Elementary Forecasting in Economics (Spring 2019)


  • ECON 2311Q: Econometrics I (Fall 2019)



Teaching Assistant:


  • ECON 2201: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Fall 2016)

  • ECON 1000: Essentials of Economics (Fall 2016)

  • ECON 1200: Principles of Economics (Spring 2017)

  • ECON 2201: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Spring 2017)

  • ECON 2447: Economics of Sports (Spring 2017)


Examples of Student Comments:


  • "RUI IS THE MAN!!!! He goes out of his way to make sure he is available to all his students and helps out so much! I've never had a professor go out of his way so much to help all of us out. Whether it was holding additional office hours, curving exams due to a difficult question, responding to emails IMMEDIATELY, helping with homework, etc, he was SO GREAT!!!"


  • "Rui needs to be hired by UCONN. His work ethic is amazing. We received both midterm grades the same day that we took it. He grades extremely timely. In addition, he is always open in his graduate office to ask questions. The coolest thing for me about Rui is his availability 24/7. I emailed him on a Friday night because I had a problem with a code in my R homework. Rui responded within 15 minutes. In addition, on spring break he answered back to me within an hour while I was trying to debug my homework. Rui is the kind of guy that you want in the University of Connecticut community....hardworking, respectful, caring, and brilliant."


  • "Rui was one of the best instructors I've had at the university. He came to class everyday clearly with the desire to teach us the material in a way that is best for us. He clearly thought through and prepared for each class so he can explain, and re-explain any material we had trouble with. He was incredibly forward and direct about the course, there were no surprises, homework was helpful and fair. Review sessions always made me confident for the exam, and I was never worried about the course, and that's because of Rui. Rui was highly approachable and friendly, I believe that everyone in the class respected him and enjoyed there time in his class/ The topics covered in this course are not simple and compared to other teachers and graduate student teachers Rui is the cream of the crop, truly. He made a difficult course very palatable and more importantly learn-able. I can't express enough that I'm glad I had the chance to be in his class."


  • "Rui is a great teacher and mentor to many students. He is open and available to everyone before, during, and after class during his office hours. His teaching style is easy to understand but challenging and interesting to listen to. He always asks the right questions at the right times to make sure you are thinking critically during class. Rui makes the material jump off the white board with neatly drawn graphs, charts, and deeply integrated real world examples. An excellent teacher and a great friend."


  • "Rui Sun presented notes to the class clearly and thoroughly went over every aspect of the material. He gave clear, real world examples that demonstrated how the material was useful in the real world. When presenting information he stated clearly if we would see it on an exam. He was always available for help outside of class and it wasn't unlikely to see the entire class in his office the night before an exam. His response to questions was always prompt and he graded exams and other assignments very quickly (sometimes even the same day). Rui Sun made learning a really tough subject much easier and engaged students on a daily basis."


  • "Rui took a very difficult subject to understand and did his best to teach it. I still found it to move fast and be very difficult but I'm sure others had an easier time. I could tell he really wanted us to learn and would go back over difficult material. Very accessible in terms of office hours, and allowed me to make up a participation grade I missed. Rui is head and shoulders a better instructor than who I had for empirical 1, and I would highly recommend this class (taught by him) to other econ majors."


  • "If every grad student taught at the level Rui Sun taught, I would look forward to those classes. He is among the best graduate instructors I have ever had at UConn. He cares about the success of his students. He is competent, professional, and clear. I would regret the days I skipped class. He will make a fantastic professor."


  • "How much he clearly cares about the students learning. Rui is incredibly passionate and dedicated to being an adept instructor and guide to everyone in class. He's incredibly friendly and approachable because of that, and very fair to everyone."